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How do I register?

Are there any charges for registration?

No. Registration on ow do I register is absolutely free.

Do I have to necessarily register to shop on

You can surf and add products to the cart without registration but only registered shoppers will be able to checkout and place orders. Registered members have to be logged in at the time of checking out the cart, they will be prompted to do so if they are not logged in.

Can I have multiple registrations?

Each email address and contact phone number can only be associated with one account.

Can I add more than one delivery address to an account?

Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses to your account. However, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different addresses you need to place them as separate orders.

Can I have multiple accounts with the same mobile number and email id?

Each email address and phone number can be associated with one account only.

Can I have multiple accounts for members in my family with different mobile numbers and email addresses but the same or common delivery address?

Yes, we do understand the importance of time and the toil involved in shopping for groceries. Up to three members in a family can have the same address provided the email address and phone number associated with unique accounts.

Can I have different city addresses under one account and still place orders for multiple cities?

Yes, you can place orders for multiple cities.


What is My Account?

My Account is the section you reach after you log in at My Account allows you to track your active orders, credit note details as well as see your order history and update your contact details.

How do I reset my password?

You need to enter your email address on the login page and click on forgot password. An email with a reset password will be sent to your email address. With this, you can change your password. In case of any further issues please contact our customer support team.

What is My Shopping List?

My Shopping List is a comprehensive list of all the items previously ordered by you on This enables you to shop quickly and easily in the future.

Placing an Order

Step 1 Browse through our wide range of products or just search for your desired product on our quick, powerful search placed at the header of every webpage. Use the dropdown menu to choose a particular category.

Step 2 While browsing the catalog, you can select the product you wish to buy in your shopping cart, review the product and click on Buy Now on the product detail page.

Step 3 Your selected product/s will show in your shopping cart, you can add the quantity or remove the product from your shopping cart. To continue shopping, please click on the bar on the left side or proceed to checkout by clicking on the bar on the right-hand side.

Step 4 You can either be logged in or shop by selecting the product, proceed to checkout, or choose Guest Checkout, kindly provide us your email id and contact number, the billing and shipping address and proceed to review your order.

Step 5 Please review your order details and proceed with payment. Payment method details are given in our Payments & Returns link in the Help section at the footer of our webpage.

Step 6 After payment completion, you will be directed to the Order Acknowledgement page showing all the order details and the unique order number used to track your order.

Account Information

You can review and/or update your account information by selecting Update Profile, update your beneficiary address details in Address Book and have an overview of your account details by selecting Overview.

How to track your shipped Orders

You can track your order by selecting My Orders in the My Account section. Simply click on the order number and you will be provided with all the details of shipment and status. We also have a Track Your Order button at the header of our webpage. Simply click on that and provide us with your order number, your email id would already be entered, and just click on Submit and you will be provided with all the details of shipment and status.

Payment Errors/Transaction Failure

While making payment, if certain required fields are not entered correctly or if there is an internet connection drop, you may get a Payment error page.